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Update your bookmarks, people!

Recover images from jspaint.ml

JS Paint stores images locally so you can recover them if you forget to save or your computer crashes or there's a power outage or any number of things.

To recover documents stored on the old domain, click here:

(In the future, please use this feature only as a backup and remember to save with File > Save.)

What happened to jspaint.ml?

I had lost the domain because a "needs renewal" email from Freenom went to Spam. I think it's because of the mention of the domain itself, since .ml domains are free and thus presumably used by malicious actors. All the more reason to get a "proper" domain!

The domain was parked immediately with spam ads. I contacted Freenom and they didn't respond but the parked domain spam was eventually removed, and the domain became available… for a fee. So I had to register it for $10.35, even though it was free before.

But I needed to make this landing page, and direct people to jspaint.app, so people know the app lives on, and where to find it, and all of that.

Why .app?

Well it's an app, for one thing, but also .app domains are more secure than .ml or .com or other domain endings (by default), because browsers know they have to use HTTPS to connect to these websites from the very first connection.

Long live jspaint.app!

If you want to see jspaint stay running, consider donating.

$14.60 (USD) covers one year of uptime.